About Us

Compassionate and Personal Veterinary Care

Our Story

It is important to us to create an environment in a small animal hospital that can operate with personalized care, high quality medicine and surgery and still be financially available to clients.

We have an very skilled team your pet’s health and collectively provide the quality of care we strive for. This translates into more time spent with you and your pet. Rather than the 10-15 minute scheduled appointments that are standardly accepted, we are able to schedule 30 minutes with each pet. These are generally scheduled with the same Doctor so that a relationship is fostered and your Doctor is familiar with your pet and their medical file. If a specialist is needed, arrangements are made for them to come to the hospital and care for your pet.

We are very proud of our hospital and the care we are able to provide our patients and clients. We truly consider you family.

Dr. Tracie and Dr. George

Canine/ Feline Medicine and Surgery
Excellent health care and personal attention by a passionate veterinary team.

Exotic Medicine and Surgery
Fur, feathers, quills and scales. We treat birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats, hamsters and gerbils.

Advanced Diagnostics
Our modern technology and laboratory abilities help us to make diagnoses quickly and keep your pet healthy during routine or emergency situations.

Outpatient Procedures
Nail trims, anal gland expressions and wing/ beak trims can be done with a pet nurse for current patients.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe that discussing all costs in advance helps reduce stress associated with the financial aspects of your visit. This also improves your pet's care by letting you focus on health details during the exam and not costs. We will always present you with a treatment plan before any treatments are started.

We believe in giving back to the community. Rather than supporting one particular charity and have decided to support our clients and rescue leagues. By offering a significant discount on certain anesthetic procedures we are able to help our clients afford dental cleanings, spays and neuter surgeries but still maintain our safety standards.

Having a full pharmacy on site allows your pet to start treatments immediately. Having our own pharmacy also ensures that the medications have come from approved suppliers, stored correctly and have not been tampered with. Since we have great relationships with our our distributers, we are able to stay competitive with reputable online pharmacies.

We encourage visits with the same doctor to foster a strong relationship to build with that Doctor and your pet. Continuity of care allows us to care for your pet better as there is more familiarity with your pet's medical history and allows you the comfort is getting to know your veterinarian.

Having longer scheduled appointments permits us to obtain more information from you about your pet, more comprehensive exams and time to discuss findings and options. The more relaxed appointments also allow your pet to have less anxiety during their appointment and enjoy their visits more.

Your pet's care does not begin or end with your appointment. We will contact you after your appointment to make sure you do not have any additional questions or concerns and that your pet is doing well.

One of the first things you will notice when you walk in to the reception area is that we have separate waiting areas for cats and dogs. Upon entering the hospital, turning right you will enter our cozy cat waiting area, free from curious wet dog noses looming at carrier doors and the general hubub associated with excited, social canines. We hope to start off the visit on the right paw:)

Several exam rooms were designed with cats and kittens in mind and have equipment specific for feline exams. This includes a feline scale which accurately weighs small cats, eliminating the need to remove them from the safety of their carriers prior to examination. It also has a plastic, rather than metal, surface so their paws won't get cold.

By incorporating specific details into the design of our hospital we are able minimize stress for your cat or kitten. During hospitalization, cats stay in a feline only ward unless they are in the ICU. In addition, the feline ward is infused with a pheromone to reduce feline anxiety.