About Dr. Tracie Fountas


  • Canine and Feline Medicine
  • Soft Tissue Surgery


  • Appointments: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Surgery: Friday am or special scheduling

Dr. Tracie Fountas

Owner/ Veterinarian

Dr. Tracie (Rundle) Fountas has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1999. The most rewarding part of her career is experiencing the bond between her clients and their pets. To her, being a vet is about more than just medicine and surgery, it is about family. Building that relationship is so important to her, and she knows that to do so, she must go above and beyond what medicine can provide. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada she relocated to Prince Edward Island and earned her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from The Atlantic Veterinary College with honors. Following graduation she moved to Massachusetts and worked at 2 multi doctor practices. Next she accepted a chief of staff position to a corporate hospital in New Hampshire before opening River Road Veterinary Hospital in 2008. She has been members of both American Veterinary Association and The Veterinary Information Network since 1999.

Drs. Fountas have 4 dogs. BoBo, a miniature Dachshund rescue, now 9 and the inspiration for our hospital logo. Ehlers, an American foxhound cross from Alabama, is 7 yrs old. Bromley and Brix ,a miniature Dachshund and Weimaraner respectively, are both 2 years of age. When she is not working with pets she enjoys gardening, cooking, woodworking and photography.


Overall experience
I have been bringing my two cats here since I moved to Andover over four years ago. Dr. Tracie is terrific and she or one of her assistants always call a day or two after a sick appointment to see how the patient is doing. They are always available for same-day sick appointments and they are very understanding about one of my cats who is an absolute terror at the vet. They seem to love my other cat though, and who wouldn't? He is always so sweet, even at the vet, and they take very good care of both my kitties.
Elisabeth W.
Highly Recommended
I started going to River Road when they opened. Had a few bad experiences at other local vets which prompted me to try them after a friend referred me. My first experience was with Dr Tracie and it was wonderful. She spent time with us and was very thorough with my pet. Leaving me feel at ease with her and her staff. Whether you see Dr Tracie or Dr George you get the same care. Absolutely love them both. The front desk staff is quick to get you checked in and into a room. The pet nurses are very knowledgable and experienced (not like other hospitals I've been to). Overall I highly recommend them to everyone!
Lisa G.