Worth The Travel!
My dog has been a patient of RRVH for five years, after switching from a larger hospital where my dog saw different doctors each time. My confidence in the level of care provided by Dr George and Dr Tracie Fountas is as high as it gets! Both Drs are knowledgable, competent, and patient (both with myself and my dog!). I also love the care the nurses provide; they are thoughtful and sweet with my dog. We've experienced a lot of things with RRVH: spays, a couple dentals, physical exams, and a stay in the hospital with chocolate toxicity. I am always confident that my dog is receiving the highest standard of care. I currently live over an hour away (near Worcester) but continue to bring my dog here!
Natasha P.
Overall Experience
I am not one to usually post reviews of businesses, however, in the past week we have had such a GREAT experience with our vet at River Road Veterinary Hospital that I felt I just had to! We switched over to this vet just a few months ago after some great referrals from friends and we are very thankful we did! Over the past few weeks our 2 year old pug had become very ill with what we originally thought was just a UTI. Unfortunately, it turned out to be upwards of 30 kidney stones that were blocking her urethra so she was unable to pee :( Dr. George and his staff have been nothing short of amazing. Someone from their staff called every day to check and see how she was doing and as the issue seemed to not be getting any better.. they had us bring her back in. She was brought in for emergency surgery and is luckily doing great! As a pet owner, you can expect that if something goes wrong with your pet you will have a hefty bill and although this still rings true, they have made an effort through all of this to try to keep the costs down and have been very upfront about everything. Since we started coming here..everyone has always been SO helpful, thorough and honest. This is something I have never experienced before at any of the previous vets we have been to over the years. They are always upfront with treatment plans and each appointment will print up a bill for you to look over before they even begin. I love this because you are never shocked when you go to check out. In a world where customer service standards are sub par, River Road Vet. is superb! Not to mention that the building is modern and absolutely immaculate! I have the nothing but the utmost respect for Dr. George and his staff! I would strongly encourage anyone to give them a try!!!
Lindsay M.
We love River Road!
Dr's Tracie and George. They are angels sent to take the best of the best care our fur kids need. They are 100% in with meeting the many needs and reasons we take our fur kids to them. We do because they are genuine and the best veterinary experts Deb Toppi and Celeste Chagnon know and trust. Exceptional knowledge, patients, and caring for all involved in their care. We love River Rd !!! They are truly amazing and number one in our book and hearts. And for all that and so much more We Thank you
Celeste and Debbi
My Kitties Visit To The Vet
I have been bringing my two cats here since I moved to Andover over four years ago. Dr. Tracie is terrific and she or one of her assistants always call a day or two after a sick appointment to see how the patient is doing. They are always available for same-day sick appointments and they are very understanding about one of my cats who is an absolute terror at the vet. They seem to love my other cat though, and who wouldn't? He is always so sweet, even at the vet, and they take very good care of both my kitties.
Elisabeth W.
Great Appointment
You guys are hands down the best place we have ever visited and we can't tell you how incredible it is to have such an amazing experience at the vet! Thank you so much for being the best and we can't wait to come in again! Conway says thank you for all the treats!
Conway's Moms