Emergency Contacts

ASPCA Poison Control
A non profit, 24 hour monitoring emergency service that you call if you think your pet has ingested a toxin. They will determine if there is an overdose and if so, will give you a case number so that your veterinarian can then call them and determine if additional treatments are necessary.

Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital
An emergency hospital located in Manchester, NH that is open 24 hours 365 days of the year. If your pet needs emergency care when we are not open, SNHVRH will take care of them and also forward your pets medical notes to us so we will be aware of your visit.

Essex County Emergency Hospital
An emergency hospital located in North Andover. They will see your pets when we are closed and will forward your pet's medical notes to us when your pet is discharged.

Fun Places

Andover Dog Park
The Andover Dog Park is a place where your pup can run, mingle, sniff, chill out, socialize, play, sniff butts, and just be a dog! With almost an acre of rolling terrain completely fenced in, your dog is guaranteed a good time! For the most current information you can visit the facebook page.

Medical Support

Pet Insurance - Trupanion
Pet insurance is a way to help plan for the unexpected. We have many clients that have great things to say about Trupanion and Nationwide.

Pet Insurance - Nationwide
Another company our clients have have nice experiences with.

Heartworm Society
This website provides information about the treatment and prevention of heartworm disease in cats and dogs.

My Cat Has Diabetes
A helpful website that discusses many aspects of feline diabetes including, diagnosing, treating and monitoring this disease.

Pets and Parasites
A website run by the The Companion Animal Parasite Council. The CAPC is an independent council of veterinarians, veterinary parasitologists, and other animal health care professionals established to create guidelines for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people.

Pet Nutrition
Petdiets.com offers dietary information from veterinarians with extensive training, experience and expertise in the area of pet nutrition. They provide customized recipes for healthy pets, independent nutrition consultations for pets with medical conditions, and an extensive library of nutrition information for pet owners.

House Rabbit Society
A website providing information about everything bunnies.

On occasion you may wish to travel with your pet out of the country. The UDSA is able to advise you of additional requirements that may be necessary.

Surgical Support

Good Dog Aquatic Fitness
Good Dog Aquatic Fitness provides skilled rehabilitative services in a dog-friendly environment. This is useful for dogs recovering from surgery and chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Behavioral Aids

Thunder Shirt
A shirt that works to reduce anxiety in our dogs. It works by applying gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.

A pheromone used to decrease anxiety in our feline friends.

Grief Counciling

Tufts Pet Loss Support
Saying good bye to a pet is one of the most difficult times in our lives. This website is an additional resource to help answer tough questions.

Cornell Grief Counciling
An additional source of information during such a difficult time.