Virtual Hospital Tour


Sometimes a great deal of anxiety comes from not knowing what to expect in a new situation. To help reduce this stress, we want you to become more familiar with the hospital with a "behind the scenes" look.

Reception Area

Our spacious lobby has comfortable seating for all of our guests and plenty of room for their cuddly companions. We want everyone to feel at home, so we have treats for your pets, as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate for you. Upon entering the hospital, turning right you will enter our cozy cat waiting area, free from curious wet dog noses looming at carrier doors and the general hubbub associated with excited, social canines. We hope to start off the visit with a reduced stress level. The other side of reception is a very spacious dog waiting area.

Gustopher's Pet Boutique

Gustopher's is a retail space adjacent to the reception area, where you can find a variety of prescription diets and maintenance products, such as toothpaste/ toothbrushes, shampoos, glucosamines and more. You will also find a selection of Lupine and Walk-e-Woo leashes/ collars as well as a number of toys that we have personally used and have found to be fun for our own pets. If you have questions about any items please just ask.

Canine Examination Rooms

We have 2 designated dog examination rooms. They are organized to accommodate both our small and large canine patients. They are more spacious than the feline rooms and each has a hydraulic lift table which allows the pet nurse to do an exam and weigh your pet at the same time. This exam table is also where the doctor will do their exam. Hidden away in the drawers and cabinets are materials the doctors and pet nurses may need during physical exams. Computers in each room allow us to update your pet's medical and also to view radiographs (x-rays) if necessary.

Feline Examination Rooms

The 2 feline exam rooms have scales specifically designed for small pets. These rooms are a bit cozier and have information and products specifically with cats and kittens in mind. Computers in each room allow us to update your pet's medical and also to view radiographs (x-rays) if necessary.


Our in house laboratory allows us to analyze your pet's blood, urine samples and stool samples as soon as possible, resulting in faster diagnoses and treatment. A commercial lab is used for advanced diagnostics (results typically available the next day) and consultations.


Our full service pharmacy offers our clients a convenient way to pick up their pet’s prescriptions onsite. Just call ahead or request a refill on our website and we’ll make sure your prescription is ready to pick up when you arrive. Our onsite pharmacy allows you to start treating your pet immediately rather then waiting. We stock such items as antibiotics, dewormers, heartworm preventative, arthritis medications, heart medications and much more.

Treatment Area

This is the hub of the hospital, our main control center if you will. This is where blood is drawn, nails are trimmed and ears cleaned when your pet is here for an appointment. Dental cleanings, deep ear cleanings, and other procedures requiring sedation may also be done here.


The ICU (intensive care unit) is separated from the treatment room by glass doors allowing doctors and pet nurses to monitor patients at all times while still allowing patients to heal away from the hustle and bustle of an everyday practice. Patients recovering from anesthesia, receiving IV fluid therapy and special nursing care rest in the ICU equipped with an ECG machine, blood pressure monitoring capabilities, water circulating blankets, fluid pumps, and a special kennel that has the ability to be filled with oxygen for patients who are in respiratory distress.

Surgery Suite

All major sterile surgeries are performed in our spacious small animal surgical suite located off the treatment area. These surgeries range from spays and neuters to more advanced orthopedic or exploratory surgeries. This room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including gas anesthesia, patient monitors, advanced instrumentation and suction. The room has several large observation windows to allow other hospital staff members to observe and assist as needed. Only people who are dressed to maintain sterility are permitted to enter. See our virtual surgery for more information.


Most x-ray machines require chemicals for developing films. Our state-of-the-art computed radiology unit does not require these chemicals and therefore is safer for the environment. This also allows fewer "retakes" resulting in decreased stress for your pet. Since these are digital /images, we have the ability to have a consultation with board certified radiologists with a short turn around time.

Dog and Cat Wards

Cat Ward - To keep your cat more comfortable during their stay with us, we have separate dog and cat wards. The cat wards are infused with a pheromone that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Dog Ward - These wards are flooded with natural light from all of the windows above the runs. There is a door that opens directly to the outside fenced yard to allow a quick exit for walks and playtime. Spacious runs are available for the larger dogs and more cozy housing for the little guys.